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Greg H., Agent

“I struggled for a long time when I got my real estate license. I
thought it was as simple as getting licensed and making a lot of
money within a few month. I had a few wins here and there but
nothing consistent, and even bounced from one real estate
company to the next thinking that it was my company’s fault for not
getting me enough leads. Then, I heard Daron speak at one of the
company meetings and I knew that I wanted to be just like him. He
coached me for a solid 3 months and helped me build my business
from the ground up. I wish I had met him sooner. My productively
has increased by 50% and I owe it to his coaching strategies! I can
confidently say that I am a successful Realtor! Thank you DC!”

Arthur B., Agent

“Daron is one of those coaches that really cares about their
students. When I stumbled across his coaching, I knew that it was
worth using my closing check to invest in myself. It was the best
investment I could have made! In the first 2 months, he helped
save my three deals that were hanging by a thread and were
jeopardy of falling apart. Daron coached me on the psychology of
what Buyers and Sellers are wrestling with in their minds and how
to be a better negotiator so that all parties win. I had my first 6
figure year and have a steady set of deals thanks to the M3
Mastery Coaching Course.”

Nicole A., Agent

“I just completed the first meeting with a Seller in which I knew I
was competing with other agents on for the exclusive listing.
During our meeting he asked what my brokerage commission was
and I told him 6%. My fee seemed to have disgruntled him, which
made me think twice about if I should have told him 5%. A week
later, the Seller had sent an email with the subject line, "Send the
Rep Agreement." Luckily I had run into Daron and told him my
predicament. Daron encouraged me to send the listing agreement
at my 6% fee and to not think twice about discounting my services
in order to win any listing. He suggested that along with the listing
agreement that I reiterate to the Seller how I would be delivering
impeccable service in order to get them top dollar for their
property! Needless to say, the Seller signed the listing agreement!
Had it not been for Daron's words of wisdom, I would have sent the
agreement at 5% and would have left $14,500 on the table for
discounting my fee by 1%!”

Dexter H., Investor

“I’ve had my real estate license for a long time but never brokered
any deals. Daron encouraged me to take advantage of my sphere
of influence since my clientele are always asking for real estate
agent referrals when it comes to selling properties. Daron showed
me the ins and outs of real estate and not only did I finally put my
license to good use, but I’ve also become an investor! Daron’s
approach to business and increasing my net worth with real estate
transactions is unlike a lot of mentors that I’ve come across.
Thanks for showing me how the wealthiest of people do it with real


Dennis E., Broker, Agent

“I came into the business as a realtor’s assistant. Daron began
coaching me in the techniques of how to lead people. He also
taught me that clients many times want to be shown what to do and
advised on their real estate moves. At the beginning I was working
as an unpaid assistant. In 3 short years I became a platinum award
winner which means I earned over $250,000 and have since
become an investor. You have got to try his system. Become like
him and you cannot help but win the real estate game.”

Neil Klemow – Broker, Realtor; CRS, ABR, GRI, SRES

“To know Daron personally, makes it much more difficult to
evaluate him as a professional speaker. All I can say is WOW! His
course material and real life stories are just phenomenal, but it’s his
delivery and energy as a speaker that’s absolutely amazing! I knew
his reputations as the #1 commercial agent, but I had no idea what
a terrific speaker he was. Everything Daron touches turns to gold!
He has renewed an excitement in me that is typically reserved for
brand new as well as much younger agents. Thanks Daron!”
Rick Dergan, Operating Principal – Keller Williams Studio City
“Daron brings an energy that is so explosive and contagious that
even after all these years of being in the real estate industry, I’m so
amped to get out there and fire up my clients to do something! The
agents in my company continuously ask for when the next
workshop and training session is with Daron. As an owner, it’s
exciting to see that they are motivated to do what Daron has taught
them – and hear that it worked!”

Jay Belson – Owner, RE/MAX Commercial Brokerage,
Sherman Oaks, CA

“Under the leadership and tutelage of Daron Campbell, our firm has
grown exponentially. Daron is largely responsible for our
commercial division growing from a company doing $240 million
annually to doing over $1.2 billion dollars last year. Daron has
taken agents with little or no experience and has taught them the
techniques that lead to real results. He has also coached top level
agents and has helped them grow their businesses and income to
massive levels. We have agents who were new in the business
and after being coached by Daron grew quickly to become top 10
agents in less than 3 years. Before Daron got here we never had a
million dollar earner. Now we consistently have between 5 and 10
people who earn over a million dollars per year. If you want to
accelerate your business, double or even triple your income, you’ve
got to listen to this guy and come to his course. He will inspire you,
jack you up and get in your face. But at the end of the day, you are
going to be a better agent. And if you do what he tells you to do,
you can’t lose. You will become one of the top agents in the field!
Trust me on that.”

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