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This intense, fast-paced training is designed to quickly boost realtors' income levels to high six and even seven figures in a short amount of time. With a systematized way of doing business, Daron shed light on the tactics he's learned in his 27 years in the industry and coaches other realtors on how to finesse their skills and close more deals.

In this training, you will learn how to make $250,000 to $1,000,000 in the real estate business. Daron shares his exact blueprint so that you can get there in only 90 days!




  • Mindset - The Process of Thinking Like a Million Dollar Producer
  • Marketing - How to Get a Constant Flow of Hot Leads in Your Inbox in Less Than 90 Days
  • Mastery - The Fin Art of Selling... The Way No One Has Ever Taught You!
  • How to Become a Local Celebrity
  • How to Nurture and Master Relationships
  • How to Use Automated Systems and Process
  • How to Take Massive Action.. Without Doubt or Hesitation


In this comprehensive, high level course, Daron Campbell teaches sales professionals how to master the art of sales by teaching the subtle nuances involved in the sales process. Learn how to lead prospects down the sales path that raise the probabilities of success and virtually eliminate negative responses.

Learn from a true “Master of Sales” as he walks you through the processes of
how to sell anything to anyone and get anybody to do anything you need them to do!


  • Influencing Behavior
  • Controlling the Terms
  • Framing Your Offer
  • Gaining the Upper Hand
  • The Art of Take Away
  • How To Move People
  • How To Motivate A Movement
  • Finding Motivation and Tapping Into It
  • Creating Human Connection
  • How to Focus on What People Hear
  • Not What You Say Utilizing The Fear of Losing
  • Establishing Instant Credibility
  • The Creation of Urgency
  • Leveraging the Herd
  • Creating The “Please Sell To Me”
  • Environment
  • Building Value Rapidly
  • Why Rational Is Not Rational
  • The Illusion of Collaboration
  • Finding The “Black Swan”
  • Finding Mutual Gain
  • Identifying The People and the Problem

Never before has any sales trainer presented such a comprehensive negotiation course in which the attendee learns in-depth the process that makes people buy and the triggers that move people to action. Daron Campbell is the sales master who can transform the career of ANY sales professional.

"You can lead a horse to water but you
can’t make him drink… But I can show
you how to make him thirsty!"
~Daron Campbell~

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“Be careful, this course can make
you have an unfair advantage!
Daron is the Guru of Sales.”
~Kevin Johnson~
Chairman, West Adams Investment Trust

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Learn How To Survive and Thrive in The New Shifting Real Estate Market
and How You Can Double or Even Triple Your Business While
90% of All Other Agents Will Lose Business!

In This Timely New Training Daron Campbell, Sales Trainer and $4 Billion Producer will identify for you the new challenges this market will bring but more importantly, the tremendous new opportunities that you can take advantage of because of the changes

  • How to meet the shift head on so that you can beat your competition to the best listings with the most motivated Sellers
  • How to make the appropriate market-related adjustments to your business, so that 2019 can actually be your best year yet!
  • 3 Proven strategies to position yourself as the “go-to” agent in this changing market
  • How to price properties correctly with the seller’s full cooperation
  • Negotiation tactics that will bring sellers and buyers together even under the toughest circumstances
  • Identify the 4 “D’s” of this marketplace that represent the greatest listing opportunities in any area
  • Close More Deals Faster by using social media tools to flood your inbox with high probability leads every day

This One Day action-packed event will give you the direction, tools, scripts, and strategies you need to monopolize your market and crush the competition.

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